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The Science of Touch

Social and physical contact can heal. Really!

In one set of studies, touch was shown to boost the immune systems of people who had been exposed to the common cold. For two weeks, researchers monitored more than four hundred adults, asking them not just about their social interactions but about how many hugs they’d gotten over the course of each day. Then the subjects were quarantined in rooms on an isolated hotel floor, where the researchers proceeded to expose them to a cold virus. The virus was quite effective: seventy-eight per cent of subjects were infected, and just over thirty-one per cent showed signs of illness. But not everyone was equally susceptible. The people who had experienced more supportive physical interactions battled infection more effectively and exhibited fewer signs of illness—and, when you tease apart the effects of social support and hugging, touch, in itself, accounted for thirty-two per cent of the reduction effect.

A few of our Cuddle Pros

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Cuddle Pro – Atlanta
For the past few years, I’ve worked in veterinary hospitals, loving sharing my space with animals and providing care. I am currently a student at Georgia State University majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Psychology. Any of my friends or boyfriends will attest that I am a cuddle addict, and I understand how physical touch is emotionally nourishing.
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Angel Castillo

Cuddle Pro – Atlanta
Cuddling is a lost intimacy that relieves stress, depression, anxiety, and more! It’s also an empowering, liberating, and an enjoyable experience for everyone! I’m an open-minded young man who would love to join you for a cuddle!
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Cuddle Pro – New York
I’ve always been a very affectionate person and love the energy people exchange when cuddling. I have an MBA from a top-tier school and know a little about every subject. We can talk or be silent. It’s your choice. I believe in the healing and calming powers of the human touch.


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